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#003 – Online Serial Fiction Platforms, Part 1

UPDATE PLEASE - Online Serial Fiction Platforms

Our first real serial writing-related topic is— platforms! Alyssa and I tackle Radish Fiction and online fiction juggernaut Wattpad. We weigh the pros and cons of both platforms to help you decide if any of these two is right for you and your publishing needs. We also tackle the Wattpad Next Beta program — which just got out of beta and is now called Paid Stories. Don’t forget to tune in to the next episode, part 2 of this two-part series, where we discuss other major online serial fiction platforms.

#002 – More Writer Tag

Update, Please!

Alyssa and I are back to answer the last 10 question of the Writer Tag. Even though nobody tagged us, we thought we’d do it anyway. We’re supposed to tag another writer when we do this but we won’t because I generally hate getting tagged (except for very specific circumstances) so I won’t do that to any of you. But feel free to take the questions and answer them on your own website, podcast or platform. I mean, we can’t really stop you.